We all benefit

The insurance challenger

InShared has been a client at Fitzroy for over 4 years. After an extensive and intensive positioning process, a couple of insights regarding associations were concluded; The logo, the colour pink and of course the slogan: ‘We all benefit’. But the assets that were created the, didn’t live up to the challenger mentality of today. It was time to give InShared a more recognisable face. Literally :).


Together with Inshared and Glassworks, a character was developed, over the course of 4 months. A cuddly character that’s straight to the point, could ask the right questions and with an eye for detail.

Everything adds up

When a brand uses a character, every touchpoint becomes consistent. We don’t use the character solely above-the-line, but also below-the-line and even internal communication. The 3D animated character pops up everywhere where InShared is present.

The Hand

The first television commercials only featured the end. Because of two simple reasons: time and budget. ‘The helping hand’ did the job in the beginning, but we quickly noticed it needed a recognisable face to achieve the challenger mentality that was adopted by InShared.