Global introduction Shimano Dura-Ace

Fitzroy developed the international campaign for Shimano's groupset Dura-Ace. It was launched worldwide in September 2021. Dura-Ace is considered the standard in the pro peloton. The majority of riders ride with Dura-Ace.

Every day new bike day

The launch is an important new step in the science of speed, the name under which Shimano develops its most innovative products. The groupset has been specially developed for athletes who make no concessions to get the best out of themselves and the sport.


A captivating & high paced demonstration of Shimano in action for bikers on the road, with an up-close look at the gear. We highlight the importance of quality equipment for those who pedal as a passion.


To navigate the bustling city full of bikers and cars, it takes awareness, confidence, and quality equipment. We made a film to show that with a bike you can trust, you can take full control of your ride through the city.


Off-road, rocks, twists and turns; mountain biking calls for the best of the best gear for your bike. In this video we contrast the sleek serenity of Shimano equipment with bumpy, fast paced mountain biking.