Together with a team from Inclusion and Bureau Aan Zee, we created and designed the positioning of a new platform. A platform that will connect cancer-patients, oncologists and other involved people. Together they can review the best options and opportunities for further treatment possibilities.

The name

Looking at he positioning, the name Heyleys was developed. A name that feels both incredibly personal and a positive association with the word ‘healing. The name was meant for international use, so it needed to work with a .com. Which is always difficult because almost every 6 letter word is already taken.

The logo

Consists of multiple kinds of handwriting.

To create the logo, we decided that a combination of the handwriting of people that are of vital importance to the field of oncology. Scientists and physicians that we want to honour with this homage. By combining these different kinds of handwriting, we created a unique logo, that is above all a very personal logo


Contrary to other platforms in the field of oncology, we didn’t want to only use people in their last stages of treatment. No, we wanted a symbolic way to visualise our knowledge of treatments that could actually work really well. Through the use of 3D visualisations, a beautiful way of showing the intricate work of medication came to life.