Stegeman healthy packaging

Stegeman are driven by innovation. In everything they do. They put innovation and inspiration first while their heritage provides a solid foundation. They take a leading, pioneering role in new world of food. Full of new flavours, new recipes and new ingredients.

Their mission: to present new ways for more people to enjoy everything the world has to offer regarding food.

Let’s look at meat differently

We use the history and heritage of the Stegeman brand within the meat category to show that there is a different way of looking at meat these days. That you can go beyond what you are used to. And discover how much more there is to enjoy than meat alone. Without turning away from the meat category, we open the door for non meat related introductions.

Visual taxonomy

Colour plays an essential role in expressing and differentiating the company's visual identity. How we use colour adds expression to the visual identity. The packaging is built on visual structure that emphasizes the range and makes the product and product values stand out.